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March 13, 2011


Personal care

Its a very good tips for healthy hair... I always try this method in all sundays...http://www.vivamagonline.com/index.php This is one of the best method to be tried by all.. Good!!!


Here's another hair care tip that I would like to share:

Before you go swimming in the pool or the ocean, always soak hair with fresh water to prevent hair soaking up drying chlorine and salt.

To prevent hair from drying out and being damaged: apply 4 tablespoons of olive oil to hair concentrating on the length and ends.

steve barbarich

I tried egg whites for my hair before but without yogurt and it works wonderful. I'm gonna try your advice and use yogurt with the eggs. I'm sure it's gonna be better than the previous result. Thanks for the tips. :)

choosehottubsdirect reviews

Nice tip here for the hair. I'm sure it will make my day a very good day. We all need to make our crowning glory fabulous.

online fruit machines

I keep reading about using food in your hair especially now as times are a bit tough on people - money wise. I must try it too.

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