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August 30, 2009



That is a great dip recipe (especially with the Tony's) and the game was AMAZING!!! Keep supporting the locals!

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Wow, What a cool way to watch football if you have your recipe on the side. Thanks for sharing.


tony c's is my secret ingredient for most anything.

I saw your Tweet about trying the new TypePad, and I hope you do! :) It's been fun for me and loads of our customers. I'm delighted to hear what you think.

My fave football food is wings with soy sauce/ginger/scallions and a spicy chili-garlic sauce for dipping...mmmmMMM! And I don't even eat meat much. I bet it'd be good with tofu/tempeh too.

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Great recipe! I gotta try it one time.


This really DOES look good. If only I can figure out where to get crawfish... in Canada... and in January... now that the playoffs are here.


I've tried that feta spread recipe before! It's the best. Great idea for using the leftovers. I love dinners that are sometimes all finer foods. You feel like you're at a party!

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Very Pinteresting!