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May 25, 2008


Silver Pendants

This makes a great gift ... only for someone with a fantastic sense of humor!

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jewelry pendants

"The pendant is hand-made from non-toxic shrink plastic, and coated for durability. The cord is made from high quality natural leather with sterling silver clasp."

I'd want it to be if I just paid $25 for it! I wonder how big the white plastic is? Maybe a little too large for my face!

As a previous commenter said, so long as someone else bought it for me, and I were in a good mood at the time ...

On second thoughts though, generally I prefer diamonds!

Vintage Anniversary Rings

This is really great gift. This diamond necklace is looking awesome. I would like to buy same for my girl friend.

great mothers day gifts

hahaha, that is hilarious! If a boyfriend were to get this necklace for me, he'd better have another present!

Madison Jewelry

Nice necklace!

Dee Martinez

This made me laugh... This is a great, great, great piece!

Jewelry Green Bay



You'd better give this to someone who appreciates you ;) or be prepared to be sleeping on the couch!

charity spence

That is excellent! Love it!

Ladies Gold Watches

Is it still available?

Miachael Dym

I do have to say its a beautiful Piece but im not sure the wife would find it as cute or funny as i do.Goldis Jewelry

Andrew Statezny

Honestly that's the best idea I've ever seen for a diamond necklace. Sure the wife may expect a real diamond necklace for big moments in life but for a random gift this is great.

Neil Lane

Now that is my kind of x-mas shopping right there LOL!

Neil Lane engagement rings

Very nice, I can get away with a $25 high end diamond neckpiece. Who would have thought!

JP Conner

It really would make the perfect gift. I do agree that it's best to give it to someone with a sense of humor. I'd hate to disappoint the women expecting some gold or real diamonds.

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What better way to say I love you than with the gift of a 'stunning diamond necklace' lol!

Rochel Faltus

Hahahaha! I also want this "stunning diamond necklace!" For those people who don't have the budget to buy diamond jewelry, it would be good to try this. This is one way to experience its elegance and beauty, if only in words. This made me laugh! This can also be a perfect gift for those who want to have a real one.

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