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December 23, 2007



After watching that movie last week, my college age kids put my cat Pyro in a big box and gift wrapped her and gave her to me as an early Christmas present. Don't worry, Pyro didn't mind. When I opened the box, she stuck her head out, looked around, then laid back down in the box and took a nap.

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when I first saw the movie it really made my stomach ache because of the laughter I got in just watching the movie.

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Seen the movie and had a good laugh watching it. I like watching Paulie Shore in almost all of his movie because he makes me laugh.

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Love the movie, made me laugh my heart out. Thumbs up to these guys.


Nice movie, laughed my heart out when I saw it. Like the movies antics, makes me laugh always.

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It's great to see fresh, creative ideas that have never been done before.

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