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August 11, 2006


Marsha Allen

My problem is that I HAD a shower liner I loved that had a separate (~1' piece of vinyl) attached to the bottom so that it could remain inside the tub and the other half could remain outside the tub. I found it at Bed, Bath & Beyond but it is gone now and I can't find it anywhere. I do not have the packaging for it anymore because it's probably 5 years old. I desperately need a new one but can't find it anywhere. All others w/magnets and suction cups don't work. Anyone know where I can find the manufacturer?


Hahha, it's really funny to read about so many people being attacked by their shower curtain. I was dealing with the same thing when we renovated our bathroom but we had ordered an acrylic clawfoot tub so the magnets wouldn't work. I found a post on a website that said putting weights on the bottom would work just as well.... well.. they need to be really heavy weights. I ended up using tungsten weights since they're really dense and it worked like a charm!

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