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November 14, 2005


Bob Grimes

Please, Please don't let the Subway slide into history. I hope to get there this next summer.
Saw the documentary and fell in love with the place. A place to be entertained and compfortable.
Can I bring my guitar? I'd love to play. I'm not great but I think I can hold my own.

Bob Grimes
61750 NW Finger Creek Dr
Gales Creek, Or 97117
P.S. Are T-shirt still available? How much and I'll order.....

Larry Duquette

I would also like a t-shirt if they are available. thank you.The documentary was great


I just saw the last jukes,
Ive got to come and hear the blues at the Subway. Where is a good camp site near ya? Keep the faith blues man.

dmeca parkman

a few friends and i sow the show about the subway club and are going to take a trip to have a one time fun filled trip to the club hope to see you soon


My husband & I just watched the documentary on Miss Jukes and were truly impressed. Is the T-Shirt worn by JImmy King available for sale. Would like to order a couple.
Thanks in advance for your reply.

bobby woodley

i was truly impressed by the documentary. although i am only 38 years old i love the blues. i wanted to go to mississippi so bad but katrina messed that up for me too. i want to come to the new lounge and be a part of history too. i also want to know where to get a few t-shirts too. thanks a lot.

matt riggio

I loved the documentary and you can bet that i'll be there in April for the opening of the Farish Street businesses. I'm also interested in finding out how to get a couple of Subway Lounge T-shirts. Thanks in advance for your help.

Carol Moss

Loved the documentary, I grew up in Jackson and know the Subway lounge very well, Have missed it since I moved to north MS.
Would love a subway t-shirt, where can we get one? Save the Subway!


i would also like to know where I can buy a subway lounge tshirt.

Paula Coome

I saw the documentary tonight (March 3, 2006) and was so impressed I had to get on line right away and find out everything I could about the Subway Lounge and Summers Hotel. What a rich history & culture. I thought they were going to save the front part of the hotel but it sounds like it was demolished after all. I was sorry to hear about Jimmy's wife. I am in South Dakota and I have love the blues for as long as I can remember! I have never had music move me like the blues does :). I too would LOVE to have a t-shirt from the Subway. Keep me posted on any blues events coming up. Thanks!


Just finished watching the documentary on the Subway Lounge. (Mar 29, 06). Has Mr. King opened another place? If so where? I love the blues and would love to come down there and enjoy the music and good times. Please keep me posted!

Missy Staples

Ahh,I recently saw a documentary on the Subway Lounge. I have a request of God when it's time for my transition, to allow me to dwell in Delta Blues country to hear that beautiful music for all eternity. The ladies of blues are so very classy ladies, Koko Taylor, Irma Thomas, - and oh, simply cannot forget about my fav Miss Bessie Smith. Lawdy, Lord, carry us home with the sound of the Blues, and it shall be a sweet transition...

Gerry Henry

Once again, I watched and listend to the documentary spotlighting the Subway Lounge. So wish, I could have visited the original place because I love the blues. There just ain't nothing like it. I would like a T-shirt too.

Jake Thomas Jr.

Is the Subway Lounge still there today,and is it under constrution?PLease e-mail me back.BYE

Cindy Montes

Is the renovation of the subway hotel complete?
A few friends & myself are planning on taking a trip.
I was moved, and would like to experience one of the last of Jukes joints. Music, food, drinks. We're ready. If not is there a hotel close by??

valerie chase

I just saw the documentary on the last of the juke joints and was very moved by and impressed with the Subway Lounge. I hope that the renovations are now complete and the Subway is still thriving. I am from PA and would like to take a trip down there with my daughter so she can experience what is becoming a dying institution in the Black community.


Last night I saw the documentary and it was really interesting. Are the renovations complete? I would love to take a trip there.


I just watched the documentary on the last of the juke joints. It seems to take a fight to save black history. I hope the new location thrives. Has it opened yet? Are t-shirts still selling to raise money?

Jones Machado

I just watched the documentary tonight, but I lost the end. What is the current status of the Subway and Summers Hotel, were rebuilt? How can I purchase t-shirt? I'm from Brazil and I love the Blues. The Brazilian Black People history has some similarity with the American Black People.Both came from Afrika and the culture is, for sometimes, very close.



Caught the film, was surprised at the sad end of the old location...

Is the new place as good, or just a Disney of the old?

matt sparacino

saw the movie. very informative and a must see. i dont understand why all of the musicians out there, especially african americans, did not open their fat wallets to save it. really makes me mad.


I'm on my way!!!!


great show. i too would like to know about the t-shirt jimmy k is wearing. r they available???



Paul Wilson

Just watched last jukes and the next time I visit Philadelphia I must come over to Subway. Also would like T-Shirt info

steve flint

I just watched the movie(october 28 2007) about the subway and loved it I to love blues. I am 56 and have lived in NY all my life but i can't tell you how the blues makes me feel. I love it. I to think selling t shirts is a great fund raiser. please tell me how to get some.


Being from St. Louis,
I learned to appreciate and love the BLUES.I got to meet J.L.Hooker.What a thrill that was.Please keep the SUBWAY alive.We need somthing positive in our lives.GOD BLESS.


loved the documentary. how do i buy the t-shirts

Dustin Parker

It's really to bad the city could not do more to save the original SUBWAY. The tax's paid in by the business alone over the decades should have been enough to re-build. The city of Jackson has let culture slip into history.


Sorry to hear of the closing of the original Subway. Has the new one been opened yet, if not, when will it be opened. Hope to visit sometime.

Travis Posey

Watching Robert Mugge's documentary a few years back about the original Subway Lounge inspired me to write a song about it. It is available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Napster, etc. Just do an artist search on those music sites for Travis Posey. The song is titled "Buckets of Blood".

Doll Peavey

I am coming plz keep updated on the SubwaY Night and I want a Tshirt too...I am 44 and I love the Blues....documentary was awesome...I cant wait....see yall soon:)


Just saw the documentary about The Subway and Summers Hotel! Loved it! I am from Missisippi and am sad to way I had nevr heard of ir before seeing the film. i would love to know if the Subway has been opened somewhere else? I LOVE the blues and cannot think of a better place to hear some of the best. Pleas let me know about it's reopening and where and how I can purchase a t-shirt!! Thanks, Donna


isaw the lastof the mississippi jukes documentary and although i already love the blues this mademe an evenbigger fanand of delta blue as well...i amwondering is the a way toget a t shirt of the subway lounge?? i wouldldie toget one..wellnotliterally but u get my meaning...peace andlove..keep the great musick flowing..


I just saw the movie and am amazed how long people have been commenting on this site. Truly inspiring and a testament to the power of an all American story and history of or country both good and bad.

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