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October 04, 2005


Joe Stump

I should also mention we have all of his works online for free reading at the site I work for. Here are a few of the more popular ones:


I believe we have all of his works online.



Searchable Shakespeare is often harder than it sounds. Most folks don't know the exact wording or spelling of what they want to search for. And given that it might change depending on which text you are searching, the task is that much harder.

Having said that, the Ask Sam links above do surprisingly well at it. Usually the search results are pretty liberal - a search of Macbeth for "Lay on, Macduff" has the right answer as #3 result. But if you use too many words it just fails completely. Something like "I will not yield to kiss the ground" returns no matches at all.


You missed a site that contains all the works in one handy place. Open Source Shakespeare was built by a friend & former programmer colleague of mine, partly as a master's thesis in an English program. The Advanced Search is particularly whiz-bang, allowing searches by works, characters, genres, date, etc. Phonetic and stemmed word searching are available as well... not perfect, but state-of-the-art anyway, I think.

Someone (Kingsley Amis?) once said that failure to agree that Shakespeare is the finest writer in English of all times marks one clearly as a second-rate individual. Personally, I'm guilty as charged, so perhaps my judgment is not to be trusted---but it's my opinion that the Open Source Shakespeare project is a very fine tool.

Lanfranco De Gasperis

New article on Shakespeare's Antony and Orlando's Orlando at orlandoandantony.com


I agree with Joe. Searchable is only any good if you know what your are looking for in the first place. Even if you find it what then? When someone needs a quote from one of Shakespeare's plays, it is generally in order to prove an idea they are arguing in an essay. Right?

I am studying English at Edinburgh uni at the moment and me and alot of the guys found that www.shakespearehomework.com is a good place to visit, even just to spark off ideas. We don't agree with all of it. The point is that we get a good sense of the main themes....THEN we look for the quotes

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