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September 08, 2005


Garrett Smith

I Think you are an ignorant and stupid northerner who has never been to the south and has no real idea what the people are like. You just use the same stereotypes all northerners use and think they are fact. I invite you to come to tennessee and see what we are really like P.S. We do have shoes, and I don't know any one who has picked up someone at a family reunion.


Hahaha!!! shawnz, this comment is to funny! I didn't know that being from Mississippi was considered a Northener. Oh well, you southern Yank!


I am from the North and my family is from the south. I thought it was cute.

For the Gentleman above me, For God sakes Man, Have a sense of humor!

Doc Midnight

There is no need to take offense jokes like these. We have to be able to laugh at ourselves. Living in the north and being a northerner is great for me but I have never met anyone who will be as straight with you as a Southerner.

When I'm in the south I never have to run for a train or use a translation guide to order a cup of coffee.

We do still have a bit of bias on both sides but we can deal with it when it comes up and we don't have to have chips on our shoulders about it.

That's what's up.


My brother & sister attended my family reunion in Wisconsin. They were both hit on by our cousins. One of my cousins gave my brother a lap dance (My brother said that "at least it was free.") My other cousin was trying to bed my sister all night.

I was warned by my siblings not to visit my cousin. Especially not with my preteen daughter.


Have a sense of humor people!


Having lived in both the north and the south I can say that people from the south resent people from the north much more than the other way around. I believe that it may have something to do with the south losing the Civil War. Get over it southerners! We are all just Americans.

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