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August 29, 2005



The news looks awful, hope you (and family) are OK. It will probably be nightmarish for awhile. Let your fans know if we can send you anything or do anything to help.


Girlfriend...stay safe. Falling trees, mother nature is in a mood. We send our best to you..stay safe! =^..^=

Rex Hammock

(10:44 p.m.) As you haven't posted since the tree "incident" and the Jackson newspaper is reporting power and water outages in Jackson, I'm assuming you're having some web-access challenges. Hope all is well. Take care.


And as I posted in my last entry, my best fried is currently in the Superdome in LA. I think they have since let her out but I haven't heard from her yet. Be safe! I've been watching the news nonestop for 24-36 hours. Too weird!! I live in Nevada and can't even imagine! We occasionally get an afterthought of a California earthquake here and there but thats it.You are drowning and we are burning up, fires are all over or state but nothing compared to what you are going through!! Hang in there!!

Melanie Lynne Hauser

Goodness, really, be careful. Although right now I'm not sure what else people can do...I hope the water isn't rising where you are.


Ok now would be a real good time to send something via your blackberry so we can inform your loyal fan base that you are ok. Your in our thoughts...

Robin Scanlon

Just told my husband that I had to see how my friend in Mississippi is doing. Glad to see you still blogging. Aloha!


But she isn't still blogging. The last one was 2 days ago and we all know how much worse its gotten in those 48 hours. Shawn, you really do need to get a word out to let us know you and your loved one's are ok. Our prayers are with you. llt


I received an e-mail from her today (Tuesday) around 5:30pm her time. It said she was o.k. and the e-mail was sent from a hotel with internet abilities. Hey, it's better then nothing!!


My very best wishes to everyone caught in this awful storm...was delighted to find references to Walter I. Anderson on July 14, 2005...Can anyone tell me if his museum at 510 Washington Ave, Ocean Springs, MS survived Katrina?
Again, my best.
(New at this blog thing!)

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