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December 18, 2005



Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

idle hands

not meaning to brag, but i've been on that diet for years.

and yes. it works.

Marrena Lindberg

Hi, I am zaneblue, was just googling on my diet. Happy to answer any questions people might have.

Actually I've had a number of women write to me that they stumbled on the diet themselves and it works, but always interested to hear more! Very encouraging to me.


I'm just wondering if this helps men, too. If my bf and I both went on it, would we see more results or is it better for just me to follow it and have him just watch foods and caffeine?


The orgasmic diet is not a "take a pill program" it takes some discipline and effort, specially in the first week, but increase your will and the result is much more satisfying. And in the end of the month you will be asking your self how did you manage to live the way you did. You will find out it's all about habit. The choice is yours !

Generic Viagra

Very interesting Post!!!

excessive sweating

Wow amazing it's quite looks interesting these would good out for the small children...


I am grateful for you discussing this in the internet page.

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